Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is a renowned American multinational corporation. The company is committed to fostering a culture that places emphasis on positivity, collaboration, and recognition of employees' dedication. Meta frequently utilises to gift employees as a gesture of appreciation.


Through, Meta aim to offer thoughtful and branded gifts that align with its brand identity, embody practicality and serve as effective branding elements.

The SWAG sourced and designed various SWAG solutions for Meta that included

  • North Face Bags
  • CarveOn Leather Notebooks
  • Columbia Jackets
  • Stanley Stella Cotton Hoodies
  • Chilly Water Bottles
  • Branded Desk Accessories
  • Seasonal & Themed Packs


These exclusive platforms effortlessly empowered Meta teams to globally distribute SWAG. not only managed design, sourcing, and fulfilment but also provided warehousing solutions for Meta's convenience.'s end-to-end services streamlined logistics, offering Meta a hassle-free solution.


Strategically employing branded and personalised SWAG items has ignited employee engagement. These thoughtful and practical gifts foster a sense of appreciation and value among employees. By proudly sporting branded swag, employees carry a slice of Meta's identity, fostering unity and pride. The Swag.Eu platform's dedicated stores ensure efficient distribution, delivering gifts globally.'s comprehensive end-to-end services, from sourcing to fulfilment, have simplified logistics, providing Meta with a seamless solution.

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