Bulk Order & Delivery

Need a large quantity of merchandise shipped to a single location? Our Bulk Order & Delivery option is tailored just for you. We take care of the logistics, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most.


✓Full access to SWAG.EU's diverse product offering.
✓Complimentary design assistance from start to finish.
✓Cost-effective pricing for bulk orders.
✓Timely delivery to a single address.
✓Ship worldwide and benefit from our negotiated shipping rates.


You only pay for the SWAG and shipping—no hidden fees or commissions.

We Build & Manage YOUR SWAG store

We create exceptional SWAG stores to enhance your gift-giving capabilities on a large scale. Our services cover every aspect from product sourcing and custom design to packaging, global warehousing, and worldwide fulfilment. Idea for clients, employees, marketing and more.


✓Full access to SWAG.EU's diverse product offering.
✓Personalisation and branding in live view.
✓Customisable storefront with your branding.
✓Inventory management and order tracking.
✓ Detailed reporting.


You have control over who accesses your store. Choose from:

✓ Public: Anyone with a live link can view and order.
✓Private: Lock your store so only designated users can access and checkout.


Based on project requirements.

Store + Pack + Ship

Take the stress out of swag fulfilment with our store, pack and ship option.


✓Cost-effective worldwide shipping options for your convenience.
✓Inventory management and order tracking.
✓Quick and quality-controlled processes.
✓Custom packaging options.


Based on project requirements.

Popular Decoration Options

We brand In-House


Decorating technique using needle and thread.

Good to know 

✓Creates a three-dimensional effect on fabric. 
✓More durable compared to printing. 
✓Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of fabrics.
✓Embroidery offers a sense of quality and professionalism, making it perfect for corporate apparel.

Popular products include workwear, sportswear and promotional clothing 

Laser Engraving

Decorating technique that uses laser beams to etch designs onto different materials.

Good to know 

✓Engravings are often durable and resistant to wear.Faster than other decoration options.
✓Ensures consistent results across multiple items. 
✓Leaves a high-quality finish.

Works best on leather, powder-coated metal, and wood products. 

Full Colour UV Printing

Decoration method that uses ultraviolet light to cure premium inks onto surfaces.

Good to know 

✓Can be used on a wide range of materials.
✓Offers vivid and rich colours for eye catching designs.
✓Not as durable in the long-term on materials that need to be regularly washed such as steel and glass drinkware compared to laser engraving. 

UV can be used on almost any material and is a great way to make your branding pop 

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